Whenever I was going through a difficult time in my life, one or the other of my ex- mothers-in-law used to always say, “You should only be well”. As much as I realized that the comment was entirely correct, it was not much consolation for the angst I was going through in the other areas of my life. When I started coaching and consulting in Productivity, many moons ago, it was all about technique. Everyone sported a day timer, blocked off periods of time on a regular basis and was very diligent about their calendar. Jump ahead to today and things have certainly changed. Now it’s not so much about techniques as it is about wellness, knowing yourself, determining where you are at.

The actual techniques and tips for productivity now are offered only after the initial personal analysis. And I am noticing that the coaching now is much more successful and sustaining. I do get regular requests to get people on track, help them with their calendars, set up a system for email and teach them how to communicate and delegate. I can certainly offer up tips and tricks at the drop of a hat but that is very much like putting perfume on a pig…if there is no foundation the techniques will soon disappear.

There is a reason why Oprah, Tony Robbins and others are so successful and meditation, yoga and naturopaths, are prevalent. This is because you do have to “be well” both physically and mentally in order to be productive. You need a solid foundation in order to maintain and build upon to achieve success.

If you still find yourself over whelmed, disorganized and lacking in productivity and you have tried all the tips and tricks, to no avail, consider delving into your mental and physical psyche to determine your state of being before applying productivity techniques. You will be surprised at how much you will learn and grow!

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