"Oh goodness, I am SO BUSY. I don’t have time for?????"

When I was a professional organizer and attempted to declutter many of my client’s shelves, offices or houses, I always got pushback. For some reason they liked to see all their “stuff” pushed together in their space. When I removed something which left some open areas, they would actually freak out and say “I need to put something there”. I always would respond “why?” Leave it open so you can actually see the object and enjoy it.

The same can be said of everything you do in a day. For some reason, many people need to completely fill up their calendar and plan every minute of every day. They end up being very busy and as a result, have little time to enjoy the things that really matter. They lose the ability to be with people that are important to them, to nurture relationships and to just sit and contemplate their navel.

Filling every minute of the day will NOT make you more productive-because you tend to fill it with “stuff” —much like the disorganized homeowner. That “stuff” leaves no space for creativity, emergencies or new ideas.

If you have a compulsive need to fill every minute of the day, perhaps you should ask yourself why?

  • Is it fear? That you are not capable unless you are constantly running?

  • Is it guilt? You feel guilty if you are not busy all the time.

  • Is it avoidance? Are you trying to evade dealing with deeper issues so take up a lot of your time with minor tasks?

  • Is it self-sabotage? If you really show people what you can actually succeed at, they might not believe you because you don’t have faith in yourself?

You certainly should deal with these questions otherwise you will constantly be anxious, overwhelmed and resentful.

When you leave open space in your calendar you find that your mind m is allowed to be a lot more creative and you are much more efficient at what you do. It can make the difference between being efficient or effective. Efficient will get it done, effective will move you towards your goals and offer more success. You will be focused, fuelled by purpose and work smarter.

Here are some tips to be less busy and more effective:

1. Create, keep track of and reward yourself when you achieve your goals.

2. Prioritize all the time according to what is important at that time of your life. Examine your priorities and make sure that you take care of them before you waste your time on things that do not matter.

3. Take care of yourself, your mind and your down time, before you do anything else.

4. Don’t respond positively to every request. Take some time to think about whether you actually need, want or should do it. Be assertive in your response.

Invest your time into things that are more important to you. Open yourself to new possibilities. Work smarter not harder and achieve a better work-life balance.

Photo of working to make gingerbread cookies, decorating. Word Work on left. On right are the finished gingerbread cookies ready to be enjoyed. The word Life is printed in big letters.
Work is what you do to afford to live. Living that life is the goal. Balance.

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