When I offer courses in Time Management, I start with the question ”Who are you?”. Inevitably someone in the class asks “What does that have to do with Time Management?

One of the most challenging aspects of Time Management is the fact that most people are reactive instead of proactive. They respond with knee-jerk reactions, are hasty with their decisions and do not think through the process. The resulting task is not completed properly and usually has to be done over.

That is because they do not know, what is important to them or how important it really is. To determine what is important to us, we need to go back to our values. These are the guiding principles that govern our activities, conduct and sense of identity. They represent our deeply held and enduring beliefs and impact our judgment and communication. We are happy, content and motivated when our values are honoured. When they are ignored, abused or minimized, our stress levels increase.

Clarifying and prioritizing your values creates the ability to make better decisions faster. You know what is important, in what order they fall and you can instantly make your decisions based on that. That means you manage your time better and are more motivated to complete your tasks. #timemanagement

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