Updated: Dec 7, 2021

It certainly never lets up. This week has been a giant roller coaster for everyone ending with lockdowns in many areas of the country. Businesses, front-line workers, students, teachers and everyone else in the world are all affected in different ways. We are done!

And really – who feels like being productive? I don’t know about you, but I just want to eat (some more), crawl into a hole (somewhere), cry a lot (sometimes) and binge watch anything but the news. I am anxious, frustrated, overcome with emotions and afraid.

We feel helpless, grief-stricken, unable to deal with the inconsistency and lonely and miserable. Not a pretty picture.

So what can we do to at least feel productive which should lead to being productive?

Here are 14 tricks about Pandemic Productivity You Wish You Would Have Known (or need to be reminded of)

  1. Take time to assess. After each new bit of information, step back and assess how it will impact you.

  2. Give yourself permission to feel. Be honest about what is happening and don’t negate or reroute your feelings. Spend time with them and trust your intuition.

  3. Write down what will change and how you can accommodate the changes. Writing things down gets them out of your mind and alleviates some of the stress.

  4. Restrict the amount of time you will complete all these tricks. This prevents you from wallowing.

  5. Visualize the days ahead and create a new way of operating that may bring you a greater return. This might mean spending less time on work and more time with family or vice versa. It might mean breaking up your day with more meaningful interaction like games, lunch, coffee etc. It could mean starting earlier or later or working and playing in different areas of the house.

  6. Spend more time in self-care. I just moved into a condo from a large house and there is not much room for storage. Living with a pack rat, means that is a real challenge. Anything extra has ended up in the second bathtub. During the pandemic, I decided that I wanted a bubble bath. Aside from the fact that I had no bubbles, I also had to get rid of everything in the tub and worry about getting in and out. No small feat. But-I did it and felt much better so now it is a weekly ritual. Not only is my husband not too happy about getting rid of his “stuff”, he also has to haul me out of the tub every weekend. Joy!

  7. Get physical in any way you can. Meditate, workout, walk, run, do to do it in small chunks of time and reward yourself.

  8. Look for creative pursuits. See this as an opportunity and a gift of time. An opportunity to do what you never had time for (decluttering and cooking comes to mind), an opportunity to home school in creative ways, an opportunity to reconnect with friends.

  9. Plan everything out on your calendar and post a giant calendar for everyone in your home. Offer every person a separate colour so they can keep track of what is happening. Adjust as you go.

  10. Create boundaries. Offer a separate area for each person and/or each task and designate time to spend in each area.

  11. Keep your environment decluttered. When we are in turmoil and our emotions and feelings are on the surface, nothing is worse than trying to exist in a cluttered environment.

  12. Simplify…everything. What you eat, what you wear, what you stockpile and what you work on.

  13. Think of it as an opportunity especially if you are in business. Since you are constantly evaluating, this is a prime opportunity to change your habits and fix your shortcomings. Explore and pivot to ways that are more creative. Discover new markets, adjust your offerings. Change your marketing.

  14. Help others. Our instinct is to hole up and become self-centred but volunteering to even call some people who have been alone for over a year, will make you feel better. Be open minded.

This too, will pass. Try to stay positive and be grateful for every little thing you have. Pray for those who are ill, for the medical community who is overwhelmed and for those in grief and unable to share with friends and family. Look to the future, when this is all over and we can all begin to get back to normal.

Stay safe, wear your mask and get your vaccine. We are all in this together.

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