This past year and a half has provided the perfect scenario for us to determine how resilient we are. Many people, through repeated exposure to hardships and difficulties had already developed and maintained resilience over time. Others have only recently had to face adversity leading to the opportunity to develop the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties or toughness. Believe it or not, there is a silver lining here …

Experiencing hardships and difficulties makes you more resilient and can lead to many positives such as:

  • Bolstering your self-esteem. You have been able to get through the adversity, which increases your confidence in finding solutions to problems;

  • Increasing your self-awareness. You know that you can bounce back from setbacks and difficulties by achieving small possible goals, pushing yourself further each time and understanding your personal strengths;

  • Pivoting and adjusting accordingly, acquiring extra knowledge when necessary and making positive decisions. You are not afraid to disrupt your life to do new things.

  • Staying focused, flexible and productive, in both good and bad times.

  • Moving outside your comfort zone to manage, tolerating strong emotions, and working under pressure. This will strengthen your relationships and improve your communication skills.

You know that you can be strong, healthy and successful again, which is the optimal definition of resilience. It’s ok to ask for coaching and guidance. I am here for exactly that purpose.

Keep up the good work! – Ann Max

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