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A Lifetime of  Knowledge at Your Fingertips

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It’s your time to shine: 

Organization, Productivity, Success

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Easy to implement, customized programs to empower YOU to take control of the productivity and effectiveness of you and your employees and staff in your organization by providing them with the tools and knowledge to succeed and co-exist.

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Do you find yourself...

  • walking on eggshells?

  • working in a toxic environment?

  • putting out fires?

  • herding conflicts due to office politics and warring personalities?

  • not achieving all you want?

  • feeling overwhelmed?

  • unorganized?

Take time for you!

Set goals,



Motivate your group: 






  • “Very entertaining presentation style, good at listening to participants questions and answering them effectively.”

  • “Fantastic speaker, good sense of humor, lots of real world examples.”

  • “Interaction between presenter and audience was excellent.”

Skilled in highly motivating and effecting behavioural change.

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Expert Coaching

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Online Community

Join my Private Facebook Group and meet other clients. Network.

Flexible Course Topics

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Explore topics relevant to your needs. Have a course tailored to focus on areas you see needing the most help.


"We ran a one-day workshop to ‘reset’ everyone – the old owners, the new owners and the team in the office. With uncertainty going in, nothing but praise was returned at the end. I hazard to say that everyone involved (myself included) was surprised; it was true team-building in the simplest of forms.  

The overall experience was extremely positive.  We believe that Ann was able to make an impact not only on the new owners but also on the employees, successfully gathering valuable buy-in from all parties.  We have executed our plan effectively and we really feel like we are now running the business for the first time in almost a year."

- Jaime Notman, OzTREKK

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About Ann Max

Ann Max is President of Productive to the Max Ltd. , an organizational effectiveness and productivity consultancy, established in 1999, the company is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs, individuals and organizations in the public and private sector improve their efficiency by helping to manage their space, time, life, resources, and processes. 

Ann’s experience spans 35 years in human resource management and organizational administration. From corporate manager to corporate wife, she has seen, done, and experienced it all through many of life's unnerving twists and turns. 

A seasoned professional with superb organizational and people skills, she approaches her passion with common sense, a hearty dose of reality, and a delightful sense of humour. 

Skilled in highly motivating and effecting behavioural change, Ann has extensive experience in initiating, developing, customizing, and presenting training programs in productivity, change management, communication, time management, work-life balance, administration skills, effective meetings and information management.

She is also extremely proficient in effecting organizational improvements and change through coaching of organizations, teams, managers, and individuals.

Every day, she helps people who are overloaded, overwhelmed and struggling to bring some balance into their lives. Satisfied clients appreciate her simplified systems and her motivating style.

Let’s connect for a complimentary consultation:

T. 613-462-6020
Email: ann@productivetothemax.com