“Stop Putting Perfume on a Pig! 5 Productive Strategies for Success”





About the Course

We all do it. Yes, we do. We may not wish to admit it...but we do it. We take a productivity course and apply the suggestions to our challenges. The ideas are timely, relevant and usually well-researched but they only work for a short time. We get discouraged but we still "keep on trucking", hoping that no one will notice that we are not making the best choices or applying the best solutions to ongoing issues.

We have learned to apply band-aids that Do Not Stick.
It is very much like Putting Perfume on a Pig. It will work for a while, but the underlying causes of our problems are not being addressed. We need to stop "Putting Perfume on a Pig."

We cannot become better in all aspects of our life by just taking a course to improve our skills unless we understand our psyche, our personality, our values, our roles and how our behaviour affects others.

We cannot learn to communicate better until we realize that our own methods of communication, our personality beliefs, strengths and interests affect how others respond.

We will not be able to manage our email and incoming information until we dig deep into our needs, our attitudes and our feelings.

Only when we understand the underlying motivation for our behaviour, and then receive information on how to change it, will the transformation occur. We will become effective, efficient and productive in all aspects of our life.

We should acquire skills that will allow us to immediately diagnose an issue and apply the correct techniques to solve the problem. We must create lifelong habits that will see us through all of life’s challenges.

We will address the 5 key questions as they apply to our situation

1. Who are we?
2. Where are we now?
3. Where do we want to be?
4. How will we get there?
5. How will we be productive?

Just been promoted?? Ask yourself the 5 questions above.

Want to buy a house? Sit down and contemplate your answers.

Need to change careers? The questions once again apply.

By discovering the 5 productive strategies for success: Focus, Flow, Behaviour, Discipline and Motivation, we can "STOP PUTTING PERFUME ON A PIG!" and REALLY learn to be Productive.

FIVE (5) Productive Strategies for Success:

1. Focus. The importance of concentrating on your purpose or goal. This component examines the concept of who you are, what roles you play, what you want and what you value as the first step to productivity. The importance of setting, planning, prioritizing and achieving goals is emphasized.

2. Flow. This powerful concept examines what we all want work to be like, but rarely is. The importance of getting organized, the workflow process and email efficiency is highlighted with steps, processes and useful, sensible information.

3. Behaviour. We will explore your beliefs and truths and look at your business and situations through new eyes. How you manage your time is the key element of this section. The importance of analysis, planning and preparation, scheduling and prioritizing will be discussed. Valuable and functional ideas to improve time management will be provided.

4. Discipline. The ideas suggested in the time management section will not come to fruition if you cannot commit to a goal or habit. Learning to schedule and deal with time-wasters, will assist you in implementing the new behaviours. Meetings, delegation, “saying no” and ending procrastination are key components of this segment.

5. Motivation. How do you stay motivated in the face of adversity and obstacles? Applying the principles of time management, simplifying your existence and constantly rewarding yourself is the key. These issues will be emphasized as the fifth portion of the productivity matrix.

Results of taking this course
• Gain control over your space, time, life, work and information management.
• Learn lifelong habits to sustain you and allow you to pivot through all life's challenges.
• Obtain productivity tips, tools and ideas that constantly work because they reflect your own specific personality and needs.
• Acquire workflow and email techniques that will save time, space, energy.
• Increase efficiency and productivity to make positive changes to your bottom line.

Your Instructor

Ann Max

Skilled in highly motivating and effecting behavioural change.

Ann Max